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Pergola hot tub

Wooden pergola over a hot tub. Ideal to protect the item and its users from the elements.


circular water feature

Circular sunken water feature, made using rocks, slabs and gravel. New lawn also laid. Asymetric pattern makes it more interesting.

pump water feature

Pump water feature on a circular slabbed area with planting. Plants will grow around the area to define the circular shape.

turfed area

Newly turfed area raised above level of house using brick retaining wall.

childrens play area

Block paved pathway alongside forest bark, ideal for childrens play area - no need to keep moving equipment to mow the grass.

raised borders

Garden with raised borders made of concrete gravel boards (which can be painted if you wish in your choice of colour). Easy to maintain, no need to do your edging every time you cut the lawn. High quality loglap fencing finish it off.